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Sarah’s passion is to help others through their healing journey, offer support and guidance in spiritual development, self-awareness, heart expansion and deepening one’s connection to their higher Soul, embodying their Sovereign Divinity.

A seasoned practitioner of the healing arts with over 15 years of experience, Sarah has extensively studied various healing modalities and esoteric teachings which has supported her divine mentorship with the Ascended Masters, Angelic Kingdom, Galactic Federation of Light and her Spirit Guides and Teachers.

If you are seeking Energy Healing for physical, mental or emotional ailments, require guidance, support or direction with your Spiritual Development, or you would like to explore Meditation, contact Sarah to find out how her services can benefit you.

In person sessions are based in Seaford, Melbourne Australia. Home visits are available which can be arranged through Sarah and may incur a travel fee. Online sessions can be booked through the booking link and are suitable for everyone including interstate and overseas clients.





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    Kylie JaneKylie Jane
    02:28 28 Sep 22
    I highly recommend Sarah for energy healings. She is truely gifted and cured my anxiety. I have more energy than I've had in a long time and I'm excited to continue with this work.
    Fiona BeattieFiona Beattie
    05:18 22 Sep 22
    I can highly recommend Sarah. Not only is Sarah a beautiful person, she also makes you feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole process.Sarah has helped me immensely in my healing journey. It’s amazing the difference I feel and the insight she has given me has improved my confidence greatly.
    04:02 19 Sep 22
    Sarah is simply amazing in all that she offers, weather it’s , in person or distant healings , card readings or meditation.Sarah has guided me through many life experiences and I can say I’m the person I am today because of her!She helped me heal from loss/grief and relationship. Since then I I’ve worked on myself and she has taught me to manifest things into my life which I have and for that I’m grateful. Most recently Sarah did a healing for cord cutting and I feelSo much more calmer now .This has all started a beautiful spiritual journey for me.Sarah has also helped my son and I can say that this weekend I had the old him back, his opened up to me again, shared lovely conversations about how his feeling, shared a lovely lunch all because off Sarah hard work. His calmer teen.
    Sarah ColvinSarah Colvin
    12:03 14 Sep 22
    I have been working with Sarah for the past 5 years now and still am. I started with Pranic Healing sessions, which was just the beginning of an amazing journey into self-discovery, spiritual awakening and immense growth - personally and professionally. Sarah has provided me with guidance, spiritual awareness, energy healings and weekly mediation sessions. I have also messaged/emailed Sarah with questions, follow ups and concerns that have always been received with compassion and kindness. I am blessed to have meet Sarah and as a result the path I am now on has been greatly achieved by the tireless work Sarah has done. Sarah is not only amazing at what she does, she is also a very kind and genuine person. Thanks for staying true to your path Sarah, I am truly grateful xx
    Brigitte WestBrigitte West
    03:44 14 Sep 22
    I started Sarah’s online weekly zoom meditations at the beginning of Covid but thanks to Sarah’s coaching it has become a Spiritual Journey to find my Divine Higher Self. Sarah’s meditations have contributed to an immense growth in my Self Awareness. Meditation guided by Sarah’s connection with Spiritual Entities has made me feel stronger and I am releasing and clearing blockages I didn’t even know I had. Thank You Sarah ❤️