Meet Sarah.....

About Sarah…

A practitioner of the Healing Arts for over 15 years, Sarah is a seasoned Energy Healer who has dedicated herself to her own healing journey which has transpired through to her innate ability to assist clients on their own healing journey.

Sarah has extensively studied various modalities and esoteric teachings including Reiki Mastership, Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga, Metatron Healing, Sophia Code Leadership with Kaia Ra and more recently, Spiritual Acceleration with Bonnie Seratore.

Several years of in-depth study combined with her connection to the divine, the spiritual guidance and mentorship of the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters and under direction from her team of guides, Sarah has been empowered with the ability to offer profound Energy Healing applying the universal laws of nature with divine assistance.

It is Sarah’s passion to help others on their path of health and healing, to clear and release all that is not of their true authentic selves, remove all foreign and interfering energies in order for each individual to embrace and reclaim their sovereign divinity, empowering them to shine their light brighter than they ever have before.

Working with Sarah….

It is Sarah’s highest priority that you are comfortable and relaxed in a session whether you are in person with her, face to face through zoom or in a distance healing. Understanding what the process is and what to expect from your session with Sarah contributes to having peace of mind. Sarah will ask a range of questions to understand the full scope of your needs, and you are encouraged to share only what you are comfortable with.

To get the best results out of your session it is advised to be open minded, relaxed and open to receiving. Those who are prepared to change, prepared to do what is needed to create change, accept responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and follow through on their homework are the clients who ultimately get the best results and see sustained change within themselves.

Energy Healing and spiritual development is a unique journey and ultimately the responsibility of the individual. A healer can help you clear the path but you are the one who needs to walk the journey. Understanding this concept will be key in your experience of healing, spiritual development, harnessing the ego, releasing fear, embracing love and stepping into spiritual maturity.