Divine Feminine Retreats​

Quan Yin Healing Retreat

Immerse yourself in a full day of the divine feminine energy of Quan Yin as a beautiful sacred temple is created for your healing and spiritual nourishment. Set within a beautiful, private space, this is a day for you to receive healing, divine blessings and be held by the support of a sacred circle whilst you journey through self-healing, embracing self-love, compassion and connection.

Throughout the day you will receive healing activations, chakra clearing and rebalancing, sound healing and shadow work clearing. Connect with your inner child, enjoy inner self-explorative and self-healing practices, expand your psychic & intuitive development, plus experience a cutting of the cords ceremony for releasing toxic connections and embrace a Goddess manifestation ritual.


Liefde Wellness Center Seaford


10am – 5pm


For Invesment

What you will receive at Quan Yin’s Sacred Circle Retreat

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Quan Yin Retreat