Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing with Sarah

Pranic healing is the application of energy healing using specific techniques to clear dense, congested, stuck or negative energy from the physical body and replace it with clean fresh energy. Pranic Healing can relieve symptoms quickly and is an ideal modality when there is a specific aspect or issue that requires healing within the physical body.

Pranic healing directs the healing energy to the localised area and the chakral system, working on the bioplasmic body which is like the blueprint for the physical body. Sarah and her team in spirit read the energy presenting in your body and apply the techniques and principles required, removing any blockages, stuck emotions or dirty, congested energy. It is then replaced with clean fresh prana to restore balance, harmony and vitality to the body.

When the body is healing it can require a more concentrated or increased level of healing energy. This is because the body absorbs the fresh, clean energy at an accelerated rate to aid in the healing process. Therefore, physical ailments can take several healing sessions in close succession. How many and how often will vary for each individual. After your initial appointment, Sarah will be able to guide you on what is required and tailor a healing package to suit your needs. Pricing for a Pranic Healing package can be discussed with Sarah.

Pranic Healing with Sarah can help with: