Isis Psychic Development Retreat


Immerse yourself in a full day of the divine feminine energy of Goddess Isis, as a beautiful sacred temple is created for your healing and psychic activation and intuitive development. Set within a beautiful private space this is a day for you to receive healing, a deep clean of your energy centers, and the opening and activation of your psychic and intuitive faculties.

Isis, an Egyptian Goddess renowned for her gifts in working with high frequency alchemical magick is welcoming you to join us for a day of divine healing and psychic activations empowering you to connect in deeper communion with your natural psychic and intuitive gifts. This one-day workshop is crafted for anyone on their spiritual journey who is wanting to explore their natural gifts, gain a deeper understanding into how the body is an intuitive receptor and develop psychic and intuitive abilities. No matter where you are on your journey, Isis will meet you on your level during this empowering one-day retreat.


Liefde Wellness Center Seaford


10am – 5pm


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Isis Psychic Retreat

What you will receive at Isis’ Sacred Circle Retreat