Sarah facilitates an online meditation class via zoom which allows you to attend from the comfort and privacy of your own sacred space. Sarah’s meditation classes are centred around healing, personal growth and expansion, developing self-awareness, spiritual development, opening and strengthening your intuitive and psychic abilities, forging relationships with the Ascended Masters and learning how to interact and co-create with the Divine and the Angelic Kingdom.

Each week an Ascended Master or Arch Angel steps forward to work with the group. As Sarah channels their guidance, healing energy is transferred to the participants as you actively participate in the experience engaging your intuitive and sensory perceptions. Each participant will have their own unique experience and interaction with the Ascended Master or Arch Angel they are connecting with.

Meditation class with Sarah

No experience is required. This class is suitable for beginners to advanced meditators. You will be guided through breath work, body scans, the process of letting go and opening yourself up to receive. Move through the guidance at your own pace and at the level you are comfortable with.

Meditation with Sarah is a magical, expansive and transformative experience that you can repeat as often as you like with the replay recording.


Term 3 July 13 – Sept 14 2022 (currently open)
Term 4 Oct 5 – Dec 7 2022


Zoom Online


$ 0
Live Class Term Pass x10 weeks
$ 0
Replay only Term Pass x10 weeks
$ 0
Casual Class Pass X1 week

The Zoom link will be emailed for you to join the live class and or access the relay depending on your level of membership. You can download the replay or access the meditation through the link for up to 6 months.