Energy Healing

Energy Healing with Sarah

Energy Healing is a broad term that can encompass all techniques or modalities that manipulate and clear or shift frequencies within the auric field and energy bodies of the human entity. Every human has a bioplasmic body which is like an energetic blue print of the physical form, an emotional body, a mental body and several layers of spiritual bodies, all interpenetrating each other within the auric field.

Energy Healing with Sarah focuses on clearing the mental and emotional bodies, however all aspects of your being will receive healing as they are all connected. We can often become stuck in our thoughts and emotions and the energy becomes stagnant, heavy or negative. Receiving an energy Healing with Sarah will clear specific frequencies including thoughts and emotions, belief systems, interference or foreign energies within you, providing you with more peace, happiness and clarity.

Energy Healing with Sarah can include:

How is Energy Healing different to Reiki?

Reiki has its own divine healing intelligence. That means the divine energy being channeled into you knows instinctively where to go in order to restore balance and harmony within all aspects of your being. Its like having a bath for the energy body, the entire body is cleansed and rejuvenated. 

Energy Healing allows you to be specific in what you would like worked on. If you are struggling with feelings of anger, resentment, bitterness or are stuck in victim consciousness, addiction to suffering or drama, then we can look at these frequencies and release them from all aspects of your being including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as clearing these frequencies through your subconsciousness, your life stream, past lives, ancestral lineages, through your karma including off planet karma, clear contracts and agreements with these frequencies and all other beings or interferences keeping them in place. 

How Energy Healing with Sarah can help

When faced with challenging circumstances or difficult situations, Energy Healing with Sarah can help you navigate your way, clearing the stress, heaviness or emotional upheaval as you process life events. It is often these situations that prompt us to reach out for spiritual help and assistance which in turn, opens the door for further self-exploration, healing and beckons the beginning of a spiritual awakening. Whether it is a single issue, a long-term struggle or a deeper sense of unhappiness you require help with, Energy Healing can help you create the change you seek.

Sarah has had many clients who have struggled with physical ailments where they have previously not been able to achieve healing though western medicine alone. Through Energy Healing with Sarah, people often experience change and improvements with their physical ailments due to the imbalance being corrected or healed within their energy bodies. Clearing the blockages in the energy body supports the physical body’s natural ability to heal itself and allows western medicine to work more effectively.

This can look like

What Energy Healing with Sarah will do

For your Initial consult, 90 minutes is required where Sarah will listen to you and ask questions to establish your needs and desires for healing. Throughout that process she will be channeling guidance and insight from her team in spirit along with your higher self as they tailor the healing plan to your needs. You will then relax on the healing table with pillows and blankets for your comfort as they get to work. Sarah concludes the session with feedback on what was achieved in the healing plus homework and guidance from the divine on how you can help and support yourself on your journey.

Follow on appointments can be 60- or 90-minute sessions based on your needs and may change depending on what you are working through. Clients who actively participate and apply themselves to the homework and feedback provided in session achieve the greatest and sustained results. Whilst we can seek assistance from an energy healer, the results are largely dependent on the work we are willing to do on ourselves, our ability to take responsibility and accountability for ourselves, to follow through on the action required and ultimately how much we are allowing ourselves to receive.