Psychic Consultations

Psychic Consultations

Psychic Consultations with Sarah allow you to look at specific issues, circumstances or relationships in your life where you are being challenged or having difficulty navigating. Sarah will read the energy of the issue and provide insight into the challenges and what course of action will assist you for your desired outcome. Sarah will work with you to clear blocks, resistances or interferences in order to allow energy of the situation to regain movement, initiate change or achieve outcomes for the highest good of all. 

You can ask as many questions as you like within the 60-minute session. Psychic Consultations with Sarah are not about predicting the future but reading the energy of the lessons coming up for you, clearing blocks, offering support and creating tools to help you navigate the challenges and achieve your desired outcomes.

Psychic Consultations with Sarah

Psychic Consultations with Sarah involve psychic reading, healing and spiritual mentoring. You will be given tools or homework as provided by the divine to continue developing and building on the energy that was worked on with Sarah long after your session. 

These sessions are a tool to offer you empowerment to create the desired change you wish to see in your life. It is not a traditional or ‘general’ reading of random predictions for you to go home and sit on the couch waiting for life to happen to you. 

How Psychic Consultation with Sarah can help

During a Psychic Consultation, Sarah will tune into you, read the energy around the situation or relationship and the energy of others involved. Sarah will channel divine insight and guidance and if required will use tarot or oracle cards to read. Sarah will bring in her angelic healing team to provide healing and clearing as well as share tools and techniques for you to continue building on the energy that was created for you in your session together. 

If you are seeking change, support, and guidance on how to best help yourself then do yourself a favor and book a psychic consultation with Sarah today.

How Psychic Consultations with Sarah can help you: