Reiki with Sarah

Reiki is the channeling of Divine life force energy through Sarah which is transferred to the client. Reiki has its own healing intelligence therefore it knows exactly where to go in order to restore balance and harmony within the recipient. Reiki clears blocked, stuck, stagnant or negative energy and restores the energy body with clean, fresh, positive life force energy. Reiki is very relaxing and soothing to receive. It is a beautiful healing to choose when you are needing emotional soothing, physical comfort and soul nurturing.

Reiki can help to open aspects of yourself that you have previously shut down or closed off out of protection. It supports the process of unravelling pain, suffering or heaviness you are carrying in order for you to open and receive more of yourself, the divine, unconditional love and more fully embody your sovereign divinity.

Reiki with Sarah can help to:

The Recommendation

How you feel and what you experience during the treatment and the days following will be a unique journey every session. Sarah recommends a 60-minute Reiki Healing to receive maximum benefit, however if you require a consultation or are seeking guidance plus Reiki healing, then a 90-minute session would be more suitable.