Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring with Sarah

Spiritual Mentorship offers you the space to work through, process and attain a higher perspective of life experiences presenting for you. Sarah will tailor the session specific to your needs and will channel higher guidance, divine insight and spiritual wisdom to assist you in navigating your personal circumstances and relationships. Spiritual mentoring with Sarah is structured for you to empower yourself to make healthy choices, change negative behaviours, reprogram childhood conditioning based on protection and survival allowing you to adopt new healthier ways of living.

Spiritual mentoring is not someone telling you what to do or validating the ego but to show you where your behaviours, beliefs and unconscious motivations can trip us up. These outdated beliefs and conditioning can keep us stuck in toxic situations, relationships or patterns where we require the help and higher perspective to create change for ourselves.

Working with Sarah through spiritual mentorship can help to:

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Spiritual mentoring with Sarah will often include energy healing incorporated into the session to assist in clearing what has been identified and support the release or facilitate the shift of what is being let go of. You will be given homework to support you on your journey after your session to help integrate and adopt new, healthier behaviours, beliefs and tools for processing.