Meditation with Sarah

Meditation is a powerful tool to regulate the physical mental and emotional aspects of our being as well as providing access to our spiritual selves and connection to the divine. Creating a sense of calm and inner peace, it also helps us process and navigate stress with less turmoil or overwhelm. Of course, life will still hand us challenges, lessons and confrontations to grow through however meditation can empower us to respond to life with more ease, grace, patience, tolerance and compassion for ourselves and others. Meditation also helps us to connect to ourselves on a deeper level and can facilitate self-healing, grow self-awareness, bridge our connection to our higher self, the divine and strengthen our intuitive and psychic abilities.

The meditation class

Sarah facilitates an online meditation class via zoom which allows you to attend from the comfort and privacy of your own sacred space. Sarah’s meditation classes are centred around healing, personal growth and expansion, developing self-awareness, spiritual development, opening and strengthening your intuitive and psychic abilities, forging relationships with the Ascended Masters and learning how to interact and co-create with the Divine and the Angelic Kingdom.

Each week an Ascended Master or Arch Angel steps forward to work with the group. As Sarah channels their guidance, healing energy is transferred to the participants as you actively participate in the experience engaging your intuitive and sensory perceptions. Each participant will have their own unique experience and interaction with the Ascended Master or Arch Angel they are connecting with.

Timing and availabilities

The theme or spiritual teaching is discussed in a casual conversation prior to the meditation where you are invited to participate in as little or as much as you desire. The guided meditation is approximately 40mins in duration. After the live meditation the recording is stopped and the group re-join in casual conversation sharing their experience of the meditation.

Casual class passes are available if you would like to try 1 class to see if it is the right fit for you before committing to a full term. Term passes are available to include the Live class plus recordings or purchase the Term pass for recording only if you are unable to attend the live class.

Suitable for meditators of all levels including people who have never meditated before but would like to learn.

The affordable pricing

$ 0
Term Pass Live Classes x10 weeks
$ 0
Term Pass Replay only
$ 0
Casual Class Pass